Cherry vs. CSA, Ltd.

The Willis Law Firm – Actual Case

One afternoon at a Chervon station in Houston, Texas, a young teenage worker was approached by a customer, a Harris County Sheriff, and asked if he could fix his tire. Upon inspection our client found and removed the nail in the tire and asked the man if he wanted to have it patched or plugged. The Deputy Sheriff said “plugging it is fine.” Our client then proceeded to clean out the puncture hole with a tire reamer (similar to an ice pick), when suddenly the tire exploded. Our client was propelled almost 20 feet backwards and suffered multiple injuries. He was hospitalized for approximately 3 months. The deputy sheriff required a knee surgery from the flying shrapnel of the tire. After extensive research, the client’s family hired David P. Willis of Houston, Texas to represent their son and litigate against CSA, Ltd. – the company that made the butane based tire inflator that had been used days before to “fix” the tire.

Attorney David Willis obtained a confidential settlement for Mr. Cherry and his family.

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fix a flat tire inflator Willis Law Firm

Fix-a-Flat and Tire Inflators:

These products contain flammable butane and propane as a propellant and can cause tire explosions.

tire explosion during tire repair Willis Law Firm

Tire Explosion:

This tire exploded because friction between the tire reamer and the tire’s rigid steel belts caused a spark which ignited the butane and propane within the tire.

tire explosion debris Willis Law Firm

Tire Explosion Debris:

The tire exploded with devastating force sending tire tread debris and shrapnel in all directions.

tire explosion injuries Willis Law Firm

Tire Explosion Injuries:

Extensive injuries from a tire explosion left our client hospitalized for approximately three months.