The determining factor with many tire purchases is price, but tires being sold cheaply may turn out to be old tires sold as new. There is a big difference between a truly new tire that was recently manufactured in a factory and one that hasn’t been used but is several years old. Old tires sold as new is not only a financial scam, they also put you, your vehicle, your passengers and fellow drivers at risk. Discover some of the safety hazards of old tires and learn how to spot old tires sold as new tires.

What are the Safety Issues With Old Tires?

Even if an old tire looks new, there could be degraded materials that undermine the safety of the vehicle and the stability of the tires themselves. Even at close inspection, aged tires can look like they are still in good condition, which can be detrimental to your safety.

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Some of the safety issues related to risks of purchasing an old tire include a greater likelihood of future blowout, a hardness that leads to poor gripping, especially in inclement weather, and unnecessary vibrations that could make the car or truck harder to control in the case of an accident. If there are problems with the tread of the tire, which gets more common as the age of the tire increases, you could end up with defective tires in a matter of weeks or even months, causing even more problems in the future.

While not necessarily life-threatening, there are some other less problematic issues that can arise as a result of driving on aged tires. Placing old tires on new rims can cause problems to the rims of your vehicles, and aged tires could lead to shaking at high speeds or even vibrations that make car journeys less comfortable than they should be.

Are Old Tires Prone to Blowout?

Brand new tires are rated based on their performance when new, but those safety ratings don’t translate to the same tires when they are several years old. Old tires sold as new are far more likely to result in tire blowout when you’re on the road.

Tire blowouts can happen as a result of low tire pressure, overloaded vehicles or under inflation, but occur most often in defective or old tires. A tire blowout isn’t 100 percent avoidable, but ensuring that tires are truly new when you purchase them is a great start.

Buying Used Tires Can Be Dangerous

When buying used tires, it is important to know how to identify and avoid dangerous tires that could put you at risk. Do not trust a seller who refuses to provide the history and age of a tire for purchase. There could be internal cord damage as a result of hitting the curb or overloading, and it is even possible that the tires were in a a previous accident. In fact, tires may have even been recalled for safety issues.

Look for the following things when buying new or used tires in order to better estimate the life of any tire purchase:

  • DOT number reveals when the tire was manufactured
  • Depth of tire tread can reveal wear
  • Hard or scaled rubber can hint at aging

If you discover you have purchased old tires advertised as new, you may be able to take legal action. Sellers who sell aged tires or even entire vehicles with old tires installed are negligent and can be held liable if you’re ever in an accident as a result.

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