tire recall Willis Law FirmMany single vehicle wrecks and rollover accidents occur each year due to tire tread separations, blowouts, tread loss, sidewall failures, detreating and other types of tire failures from recalled tires, resulting in tire defect litigation for the injuries and deaths that these bad tires caused. Many tires fail due to poor tire design or negligent manufacturing manufacturing practices and from common road hazards. Sadly, when a tire failure occurs at highways speeds, it can lead to a crash or rollover wreck often with catastrophic results as the driver is often faced with a difficult vehicle to control, steer or brake.

It seems in 30+ years of doing tire defect litigation, it is often the back left tire failure that occurs more often than the back right tire failure or blowout. When a back tire fails it makes steering and controlling the SUV or truck more difficult. In many of these tire defect accidents, people are seriously injured or killed. When a vehicle goes out of control and rolls over or crashes the occupants are faced with the SUV or Truck’s roof collapsing, seat belts not holding and even airbags not properly deploying. Many of these accidents involve defective tires that are subject to a past and present tire recall and ongoing tire defect litigation and lawsuits in the courts throughout the United States. Tire recall and lawsuits were brought to the forefront after Ford Explorer and Firestone Tire recall in which the consumers were educated that badly made tire can lead to a tire failure and a resulting accident or rollover with horrible results. Millions of tires have had recalls due to bad tire design, inferior tire components, poor plant conditions, tires constructed without extra safety strips or treads/plies.

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If you believe your tire failure and wreck were due to a defective or recalled tire, then call our law firm and speak with a lawyer or attorney today. Our law firm offers a free case evaluation on all aspects of tire defect litigation, SUV and Truck Rollovers, roof collapse and roof crush defects and litigation, defective and airbag failures, seatbelt failures and vehicle crashworthiness litigation. Willis Law Firm received the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Award in 2001 for its leadership during the Ford Explorer and Firestone tire recalls. Houston, Texas tire defect litigation lawyer, David Willis has over 30 years of experience in every aspect of the tire defect litigation process, including tire and vehicle inspections, tire defect injury lawsuits and is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer with top peer review ratings by Martindale-Hubble. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in such an tire failure or tire detread separation rollover, call for a free confidential at 1-800-883-9858 or through our online tire defect inquiry form.