Chinese Tire Failures

American tires aren’t the only ones susceptible to damages that can lead to rollovers, roof crushes, blowouts, tread separations and other potentially injurious or fatal, accidents. Tires manufactured in China are cheaper, sometimes between 40 to 50 percent cheaper, but they are just as hazardous as those made anywhere else, if not worse.

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Because of more relaxed copyright and patent laws in China, some companies will copy the tread patterns from tires designed elsewhere. Very little money is invested in research and development, which is necessary to guarantee safety on the road. Tires crafted by a major manufacturing company, such as Continental, Yokohama or Michelin, may be a little safer, since the factories must adhere manufacturing standards. It’s the knockoffs you need to be wary of.

Regardless of the manufacturer, you need to know how to spot the signs of a bad tire. Whether defective because of errors at the factory or aged but sold as new by retailers, a bad tire puts you and other drivers at unnecessary risk. Read more about the signs of a bad tire here.

Help with Damaged or Defective Chinese Tire Litigation

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