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Cooper tires fail for a wide variety of reasons, with the most common being detreating, sudden deflation, sidewall failures, tread losses, tread separation failures, blowouts, and ply/belt losses. When a Cooper tire blowout or tire tread separation failure occurs at highway speeds to a driver of a SUV or truck or even a passenger car, disastrous results can occur without warning resulting in the driver losing control, flipping in the rollover accident on the roadway or off the road on the shoulder or median.

Sadly, each year 1000’s of drivers experience tire failures and blowouts resulting in broken necks, spinal cord injuries, closed head injuries, paralysis, amputations, traumatic brain injuries and death. The injuries are especially severe in rollover accidents in which the occupants can be thrown around inside the vehicle often without airbags and seatbelts engaging and protecting them. Many head and spinal cord injuries result from the roof and roof pillars crushing down and collapsing onto the occupants.

Cooper tire failures or a blowout can happen almost without warning. Often the driver may only feel a vibration or unusual noise just before the failure when the tire suddenly explodes with a loud boom like a gunshot and then deflates, fails or blows out. When this happens the tire tread may start to come off the tire or detread causing the long tire tread to slap or hit the underside of the wheel well, frame, axle or outside fender. Sometimes the tread comes off in one piece and is thrown or the highway and other times only part of the tread detreads. In either scenario, the tire may suddenly deflate with the rim dropping down contacting the pavement. The driver with a tire failure at highway speeds may have a difficult time steering the vehicle, properly braking or controlling the vehicle. This is when the vehicle goes out of control and starts yawing or going sideways and then the tripping and rollover starts and will continue until the total energy of the rolling vehicle is dissipated.

Brief History of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Cooper Tire, now called Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. Cooper is one of the oldest tire makers in the United States with tire manufacturing facilities in Findlay, Ohio; Tupelo, Mississippi, Texarkana, Arkansas; Clarksdale, Mississippi and overseas tire plants in Eastern Europe (Sebia), China and Mexico. Cooper tires most popular brands include Dean Tires, Discoverer, Dominator, Futura, Laramie, Lifeliner, Roadmaster Tires, Starfire Tires, Mastercraft Tires, Zeon, Mickey Thompson Tires, Dick Cepek and Mentor Tires. For Discount Tire Company and Pep Boys Auto Centers, Cooper makes Arizonian Tires and Hercules Tires. Many of these Cooper brands have been subject to multiple Cooper tire recalls throughout the years.

Failures and Defects of Cooper Tires

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Failures of a tire often can be traced back to one of ten crucial steps in the tire building process. Tire defects can occur in the initial tire design on the drawing board in the tire engineers not “beefing up” the tire with additional plies, rubber or safety caps. Other major sources of defects make go back to the quality of the raw materials used, the compounding of the rubber, the design and placement of the tire bead, thickness of the lining used inside the tire, adhesion defects from improper temperatures while the tire tread is curing, incorrect tire mold conditions and finally negligent testing or storage of completed tires. Any of these manufacturing defects can solely or collectively cause a tire to blowout of fail under load without warning. Sadly the consumer and even the workers at a tire shop or tire dealer that sell these tires are equally clueless as to the what went on at the factory. Even when the tires are not old or aged and still have plenty of tread left, a sudden failure can occur. Sadly it is not until the dust has settled from the wreck or rollover accident and the injuries and damages are tallied, can the tire be examined and x-rayed by a tire defect expert and its true defect history determined.

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