Positioning on the vehicle, usage, age and quality of the manufacturing can all contribute to Firestone tires failing on the road. Blowouts and tread separations are some of the most common damages that place people at great risk of injury or death in an accident. These may be directly caused by some of the following problems:

  • Poor sizing, particularly in relation to the height of the vehicle
  • Inadequate storage conditions
  • Error on the part of a manufacturer
  • Overpatched
  • Neglecting to replace spares
  • “New” tires are actually used or aged, even if bought from a popular dealer.

In the event of an injurious accident, an investigation will have to take place to glean who is truly at fault for the defective tires. The liability could be with the manufacturer, the garage that worked on your vehicle or the retailer who sold you the tires in the first place. Contacting a personal injury attorney is the first step in winning your case and receiving the recompense you deserve.

We have more information about spotting a bad tire here.

2000-2001 Firestone Tire Recall

Willis Law Firm played a pivotal role in promoting the recall of over 13 million defective Firestone tires that failed on numerous Ford vehicles, most notably the Explorer model. Mostly impacting the Wilderness AT tires, blowouts and tread separations led to over 200 crash deaths directly tied to the faulty tires.

When Aged Firestone Tires are Sold as New

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for major tire retailer to sell used or old, storage-damaged tires under the “new” label. Unused can still be unsafe. Some “new” tires are actually six years old, with rubber rendered cracked or brittle from heat, humidity, cold, freezing and other extreme environmental factors. These tires could fall victim to the following issues either on or off the road:

  • Tread separations
  • Rollovers
  • Poor adhesion
  • Blowouts
  • Dry rot

Firestone Tire Failure Personal Injury Lawyer

Because of its Steven J. Sharp Award-winning work during the 2000-2001 Firestone and Ford Explorer recalls – not to mention the 30 years of personal injury experience – the board-certified Willis Law Firm possesses the knowledge and resources required to provide all the needed support in a vehicle accident. We’re here for you at every juncture in the process, starting with the inspections. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of aged or otherwise defective Firestone tires, please schedule a consultation with us by calling 1-800-883-9858 or sending us an email.