Private Label and Private Brand Tires

Know which sellers and manufacturers are behind your private label or private brand tires. This information can be crucial in the event of a major recall, or even when reports of relevant tire defect accidents are made available. Save a life by staying on top of the pertinent information.

Private BrandTire SellerTire Maker
AdvanceChina Mfrgs. AllChina Mfrgs.
AerolonLucas AutomotiveDenman (bias: antique, classic automobile)
Aero TrackGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
AkuretDel-Nat Tire Corp.Yokohama (P, HP)
Alta RacerGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin [Taiwan] (bias: racing)
American RadialAmer. Car CareMichelin
ApacheTire FactoryContinental General Tire
Apple IFrank’s Tire 
ArizonianDiscount TireKelly (P, LTR)
ArmourChina Mfrgs. AllJiangsu Tyre (IND)
AstraTire FactoryContinental General Tire
AstroTire Group Int.Govind Rubber Ltd. (GRL) [India]
Danubiana [Roumania] (farm)
Madras Elastomeres [India] (solid IND)
Chaoyang [China] (pneumatic IND)
Roadstone [Thailand] (OTR, IND)
Dong-Ah [Korea] (tubes, flaps)
BetcoCoker TireSpecialty Tires
Big OTBC/Big OKelly
Bilt-MorRott-Keller Co.[off-shore]
BrigadierReynolds TireContinental General Tire
CambridgeDunlap & KyleVarious [off-shore] (MTR)
Candy ClassicFairmount TireDunlop (P bias: wide whitewall for classic cars)
CapitolDynastar Int. 
Coker ClassicCoker TireSpecialty Tires
CommanderCoker TireSpecialty Tires
CO-OPTriton TireBridgestone/Firestone
CordovanTBC Corp.Cooper
CornellPep BoysBridgestone/Firestone
CosmoTire Group Int.Chaoyang
Country SquireTriton TireKelly
Continental General Tire
Custom ClassicLucas AutomotiveBridgestone/Firestone
Denman (bias: classic cars 1930s-’50s)
DanzigForeign Tire SalesVarious [off-shore]
DeltaDel-Nat Tire Corp.Yokohama (P, HP, LTR)
Cooper (P, HP, LTR)
China Manufacturers Alliance (MTR, MTB, MTLP)
Cheng Shin (P, HP, LTR, IND, lawn/garden, ATV, boat trailer)
Toyo (P)
Denman (LTB, F/I-B)
Alpha (LTB, MTB, IND)
Alliance (F/I-R, F/I-B)
Ceat (IND)
Cupples (tubes)
Dick CepekDick CepekDenman (LTR, LTB)
Continental General Tire (P, LTR)
Titan Tire (ATV)
Specialty Tires (racing, specialty, motorcycle)
Double CoinChina Mfrgs. AllShanghai Tyre (MTR, MTLP)
DouglasWal-Mart StoresKelly
Dune HopperGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Dune SliderGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Dune TrackerGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
DuralonMidstates Dist.Bridgestone/Firestone
DurasteelDel-Nat Tire Corp.Cheng Shin (HP, metric)
DynastarDynastar Int.Various
DynatexDynatex Tire[off-shore]
DynatracHeafnerChina Manufacturing Association
EldoradoEldorado TireCooper (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB)
EmbassyTire Alliance Grp.Kelly
Euro-Tech MetricTire FactoryContinental General Tire
ExcelsiorCoker TireSpecialty Tires
FiskDiscount TireMichelin (P, LTR)
FleetwoodFleetwood Mktg. 
FreewayGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin
Various [off-shore] (LTB bias: trailer)
FuturaPep BoysCooper
GatewayDunlap & KyleDenman (LTB, LTR, ATV, F/I-B)
JK Tyre [India] (MTB)
Titan Tire (ATV)
Specialty Tires (F/I-B)
GoldenmarkTriton TireKelly
GreenmasterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (bias: golf cart)
GreensaverGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (bias: golf cart)
Ground BusterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
GTReliable TireGajah Tunggal
GuardianAmer. Car CareMichelin (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
GuardsmanSears, RoebuckKelly
Pirelli Tire Corp.
Harvest KingTBC Corp.Bridgestone/Firestone
HerculesHercules TireCooper (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB)
Kumho (P, HP, LTR, MTR, MTLP)
Woosung (P, LTR), Modi (MTB)
Alliance [Israel] (F/I-R, F/I-B)
China Tire (flotation-farm, LTB, MTB)
HeritageSummit TireKelly
Double Coin
HighlandChina Mfrgs. AllVarious
HomasterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (mobile home)
HoodTire Centers Inc.Michelin North America (P, HP, LTR)
Insa PremierLucas Autom.Goodyear (Model A Ford car)
IntercoInterco TireVarious (LTR, LTB, ATV)
JupiterItochu Interntl.Woosung [Korea] (P, HP, LTR)
Kirkland SignatureCostcoMichelin (P, LTR)
LaramieLaramie TireKelly
LesterUniversal VintageSpecialty Tires
LucasLucas Autom.BFS
Trelleborg [Sweden]
Nokian [Finland] (antique and classic auto, bias: Model A truck)
Mark 300Triton TireKelly
MaximaTire FactoryContinental General Tire
MeritHercules TireCooper (P, HP, LTR)
Woosung (P, HP)
Merlin ExpressMerlin TireModi [India] (MTB)
MetroGene Savage Tire 
Mickey ThompsonMax Trac TireSpecialty Tires (P, LT bias: racing and wide street)
Cooper (P, LTB)
Avon (racing)
Mitco Super SolidMitco Inc.Various
MohawkIndep. Tire SalesYokohama (P, HP, LTR)
MotomasterCanadian TireKelly
Bridgestone/Firestone (P, HP, LTR)
Mud SharkGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Mud BusterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
Multi-MileTBC Corp.Cooper
NationalDel-Nat Tire Corp.Cooper (P, HP, LTR)
Yokohama (P, HP, LTR)
Toyo (P)
Cheng Shin (P, HP, LTR, IND, lawn/garden, ATV, boat trailer)
Denman (LTB, F/I-B)
Alpha (LTB, MTB, IND)
Alliance (F/I-R, F/I-B)
Ceat (IND)
China Manufacturers Alliance (MTR, MTLP)
Cupples (tubes)
NittoNitto TireToyo
NordicOrion Tire Corp.Hangzhou [China] (P, IND (pneumatic solid))
Yantai (solid)
Yinchuan (LTB, MTB)
Double Happiness [China] (LTB)
JK Tyre [India]
Vikrant Tyre [India]
Pearl River Tire [China] (MTB)
OrionOrion Tire Corp.Hangzhou [China] (P, IND (pneumatic solid))
Yantai (solid)
Yinchuan (LTB, MTB)
Double Happiness [China] (LTB)
JK Tyre [India]
Vikrant Tyre [India]
Pearl River Tire [China] (MTB)
OspreyGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (P)
OutriggerOTR WheelTitan
Specialty Tires
Parnelli JonesProg. Cust. WheelsKelly
PatriotSears, RoebuckCooper
PhantomDiscount TireMichelin (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
Pit BullOrig. Tire MartVarious
PitchmasterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (baseball pitching machine)
Power KingTBC Corp.Kelly
Hankook Denman
PowermasterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (go kart)
Premium SportwayFairmount TireDenman
Fidelity (P bias: low-rider applications)
PresidentPresident TireBridgestone/Firestone
Continental General Tire
Michelin North America
ProProf. Indust. TireVarious
Pro TracCoker TireSpecialty Tires
Pro TrackGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
RamMimco Inc.Specialty Tires
Kelly (P, HP, LTR, LTB)
ResponseSears, RoebuckYokohama
ReynoldsReynolds TireContinental General Tire
Roadeo BootsRoadeo Inc.Kelly
RoadProHercules TireP.T. Gadjah Tunggal (P, LTR)
Rubber MasterCountrywide Ind.Greenball [Taiwan]
P.T. Deli [Indonesia]
SkandicOrion Tire Corp.Hangzhou [China] (P, IND (pneumatic solid))
Yantai (solid)
Yinchuan (LTB, MTB)
Double Happiness [China] (LTB)
JK Tyre [India]
Vikrant Tyre [India]
Pearl River Tire [China] (MTB)
SecuraGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (LTR)
SentrySears, RoebuckCooper
ShredderGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (ATV)
SidewinderTire FactoryContinental General Tire
SigmaTBC Corp.Cooper
SignetHercules TireCooper (P)
Woosung (P, LT)
SilvermarkTriton TireKelly
Solo-TechTire FactoryContinental General Tire
SonicParrish TireContinental General Tire
SpartanReliable Tire Co.Kelly
StrattonIndep. Tire Sales 
SummitSummit TireKelly
Double Coin
Super SportTeamTBAKelly
SuperguardSears, RoebuckKelly
TacomaParrish TireCooper
TemcoOrig. Tire MartVarious
TNTTire Group Int.GRL
TowmasterGreenball Corp.Cheng-Shin (boat trailer)
Trail HandlerSears, RoebuckPirelli
TredtechParrish TireContinental General Tire
TribuneIndep. Tire Sales 
TurnpikeParrish TireContinental General Tire
Ultra-TechMajor TiresKelly
JK Tyre [India]
Apollo Tyres [India]
Nankang (P, HP, LTR, LTB, MTB)
UniversalUniversal VintageSpecialty Tires
76Tosco Mkting.Kelly
VagabondTire FactoryContinental General Tire
VanderbiltReynolds TireKelly
ViperSears, RoebuckCooper
VogueVogue TyreKelly
WearmasterOTR WheelTitan
WeathermarkTriton TireKelly
WestlakeForeign Tire SalesVarious [off-shore]
WynstarChina Mfrgs. AllShanghai Tyre (P, HP, LTR)
YKSForeign Tire SalesVarious [off-shore]
ZigguratTirex Inc.Tornel [Mexico]
Vikrant Tyres [India]
Shandong Triangle Group [China]

Legal Help for Serious Private Label and Private Brand Tire Defect Accidents

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