Tractor Tire Explosion Kills Tire Shop Worker in Arkansas

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On June 10, 2008 an Arkansas tire shop explosion kills worker when an agricultural tractor tire explosion occurred while the worker was attempting to mount it on the rim. The tire shop worker had placed the tire on the rim and was in the process of adding air to seat and mount the tire when tractor tire bead adjacent to the floor failed. The escaping air and explosion launched the tire upward from the floor hitting the worker. Through discovery in the lawsuit it is believed that the East*One14.9-24R-1 tube type tractor tire was manufactured in The Peoples Republic of China by the Eastone Group, Ltd. and later sold to a tire dealer in Arkansas.

The surviving family contacted the Willis Law Firm and a team of tire explosion lawyers were assembled to represent the family. After an extensive investigation of the witnesses and accident scene, a well known tire explosion expert engineer was hired by the attorneys to examine and X-Ray the tire and find the cause of the tire explosion. It was determined that this Chinese tire explosion was due to tire bead defects at numerous locations on the tractor tire. Under pressure the Weftless layer design of the multi-strand steel bibbon bead failed and the tire explosion force caused a massive blunt force trauma to the body and traumatic head injury as the tire explosion partially launches the mechanic into the air. Due to the large size of many tractor and agricultural tractor tires, earth moving equipment, loaders, mining and haul trucks, often the mounting of these tires is done out in the field where no tire explosion cage is present, subjecting the any workers to potential tire inflation explosions. What many tire workers do not understand that the forces and energy of a large tractor tire exploding with only 5-10psi of pressure is enough force and energy to critically injure of kill a tire worker or propel them even to the tire shop ceiling 16-20 feet away.

Tractor tire explosions can be deadly to any tire worker in the path of the tire’s force during the explosion. When a tractor tire or a truck tire is laid on its side, then if the tire bead fails during seating or immediately afterwards the tire will explode upward taking with it anything in its path. In some case the force of the tire explosion is so large it can cause a tire worker to be propelled 15-40 feet usually resulting in their death of the person. As the tire experts will tell you, the safest way to change any tire and to seat the tire is to allow the tire bead to “pop” into place while contained in a heavily built tire cage. Most tire cages fit car and truck tires, but due to the extra large size of many large truck tires or tractor tires its dimensions are large than of the tire safety cage.

Many of the tractor and truck tire explosions are from tractor and heavy equipment tires made overseas in China or Europe where the quality controls, sizes and essential specifications are not always followed. When this happens tire failures and explosions result. In another tractor tire explosion lawsuit in which the Willis Law Firm represented the family of the deceased tire worker, a Titan Tire explosion occurred. The tractor tire was not manufactured to the correct size or tolerances and another deadly tire shop explosion. The East Texas tire shop worker was instantly killed when it struck him in the head.

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