RV Tire Failure Results in Death of Two in Newmar Motorhome Fire

Willis Law Firm represented the family of an elderly couple tragically killed when the couple’s RV caught fire trapping them inside. The couple was driving along in their 2004 Newmar Dutchstar Motorhome when suddenly the right front tire had a sudden tire tread separation or “tire blowout” resulting in the tire’s steel belt, tire tread or some part of the tire being thrown into the wheel well of the motor home causing a rupture of the propane gas line located near the right front wheel well. Sadly the ruptured gas line resulted in a massive fire. According to witnesses, the driver attempted to drive the burning motorhome onto the shoulder in order to escape, but the fire’s location at the front right corner of the motor home near the door, prevented their exit.

RV Fire Lawsuit

RV Fire Due to Tire Blowout Failure Willis Law Firm
RV Fire Due to Tire Blowout Failure.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Newmar Corporation, the manufacturer of the Newmar Motorhome with allegations that it did not install a protection shield or metal shroud of sufficient strength, material or thickness to prevent this type of catastrophic event from a tire failure or impact from a road hazard causing a RV propane gas line fire. Another allegation was Newmar’s negligent in designing a motorhome with flammable gas lines in such a location so as to expose the butane gas lines to rupture during travel or in an motor vehicle accident.

Other allegations included the RV makers failure to install a second door or emergency exit hatch to allow escape in case of a fire or from common motor vehicle frontal impact accidents in which the front door was blocked or incapable of opening. Lastly it was alleged that the RV maker failed to install a fire suppression system to extinguish fires throughout the RV or to warn the consumer of these dangerous conditions. After extensive court proceedings and discovery, this RV fire lawsuit and product design defect case was settled out of court for a Confidential Amount.

Why do RV Tires Fail?

RV tire failure is not uncommon. Many factors may cause a tire blowout or failure on even new recreational vehicles including new and older tires that have sat idle for months at a time between uses combined with the weight of these motor homes causing early tire adhesion failures and tire tread separations. Some RVs come equipped with tires that are undersized for the gross weight of the vehicle cone totals the weight of the vehicle, full of fuel, water, gray water and supplies. And lastly many RV tires are defective due to the design defects in not being manufactured with sufficient tire belts and number of plies on the core of the tire and sidewalls.

RV Tire Defect Lawyer

If you or a loved one were injured due to a tire blowout or defect and the defective tire caused a RV Rollover, Fire or Accident, then call the Willis Law Firm. Mr. Willis has an extensive background with all types of tire failures, fires, rollovers and product defect cases. He is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer certified by the Board of Legal Specialization since 1988.

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