Continental General Tire Company
Tire Tread Separation and Truck Rollover

Baker vs. Continental General Tire Company and General Tire Company, et al.

The Willis Law Firm – Actual Case

On May 17, 1994 while driving home from work, a 20 year old Dallas resident was killed when his back left tire on his 1984 Chevy Sierra Classic Truck fails and causes the truck to roll at highway speeds on S.H. Loop 12 in Dallas, Texas. According to the investigating police officer, the back tire tread separated causing a blowout, resulting in a loss of control and deadly rollover. The tire in question was manufactured by General Tire Company.

As noted in the accident report, the tire’s tread belt came off on the road surface shortly before the roll. The pieces of the tire were gathered and saved by the officer who later turned them over to the family’s attorney, David P. Willis of Houston, Texas. Upon expert consultation and thorough investigation it was determined that the tire’s tread/belt had separated as a result of improper adhesion and bonding at the factory. General Tire’s experts disagreed, stating that the tire was just worn out. However, after many months of legal battling, the parties entered into a confidential settlement

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Truck Rollover Kills Texas Man:
A tire tread separation causes a Chevy pickup truck to roll over, which crushes and kills the driver. 

continental general tire tread separation Willis Law Firm

Continental General Tire:
This is the defective back left tire that failed and caused the rollover accident.

chevy tire tread separation Willis Law Firm

Tire Tread Separation:
Poor adhesion and bonding at the General Tire factory allowed the tread belt to separate from the tire.