Deadly Ford Explorer Rollover

Firestone Tire Tread Separation

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Actual Law Firm Case:
A Firestone ATX tire loses its tread and causes a 1994 Ford Explorer to roll over. Occupants suffered catastrophic injuries from this tread separation rollover accident.

On June 10, 1997 a Firestone tread separation from a Firestone ATX tire caused a deadly Ford Explorer rollover. The 1994 two-door Ford Explorer rolled over with catastrophic results. The front seat passenger was killed, the driver lost both legs and the back seat passenger (the grandchild of the driver) suffered a broken neck. The Firestone ATX tire in question, located on the left rear of the Ford Explorer, suddenly and without warning separated itself from the tire causing the Ford Explorer to lose control. Once the Ford Explorer suffered a loss of control, the front of the vehicle shifted direction to the side while the vehicle’s momentum continued to carry the Explorer forward. This resulted in the Ford Explorer traveling side ways (perpendicular to the normal direction of travel) just before being violently rolled along the shoulder of Interstate 45 and onto the grass to a stop. Interestingly, the Firestone ATX tire still held air even after the tire tread, or outer belt, had separated. This critical fact helped prevent Firestone from claiming that a road hazard caused the tread to loosen and fail.

Rollover Lawsuit Attorney

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Actual Law Firm Case:
State Trooper collects the Firestone ATX tire tread that caused the Ford Explorer to lose control.

Attorney David P. Willis, of The Willis Law Firm in Houston, Texas, was called by the family’s lawyer to represent the family and to handle the products liability case against Firestone and Ford Motor Company. A team of investigators, reconstruction experts and tire experts were immediately dispatched and brought to Houston to conduct a thorough investigation of not only the accident, but also the eye witnesses, the police, the wrecker drivers, the ambulance drivers, the tire, the tire tread and the Ford Explorer in question. A lawsuit was filed against all responsible parties. Many depositions of witnesses and experts were taken uncovering vast problems with the tire’s design and the manufacturing processes of this tire. After many months of legal discovery and many court hearings, a confidential settlement was reached between all parties.

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The Willis Law Firm Investigates:
Depicted above is the actual Firestone ATX tire tread that separated from the tire core which caused the Ford Explorer to roll over.

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