Tire Manufacturer Defects

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All tires manufactured are subject to possible design defects and quality control defects during the manufacturing process. While tire manufacturers attempt to make safe tires, many tire manufacturers are negligent making tires that are prone to tire failures, tread separations, blowouts and side wall failures. These tire failures often result in single car rollover accidents at highway speeds resulting in hundreds deaths and injuries each year. During the tire design, engineering and manufacturing process, there are dozens of crucial steps in which bad designs, poor and filthy plant conditions and negligent tire making practices occur that can cause tires to later fail. Some of those tire manufacturing defects involve:

  • Negligent Tire Belt Design at the Engineering Stage
  • Inadequate or Inferior Raw Materials
  • Incorrect Mixing or Compounding of the Tire Rubber
  • Negligent Tire Bead Preparation
  • Unclean Tire Factories introducing Foreign Objects or Debris into Rubber
  • Incorrect Quality Control of Thickness and Purity of the Tire’s Inner Liner
  • Negligent Tire Bead Assembly and Tire Bead Size Uniformity
  • Tire Tread and Sidewall Extrusion Defects
  • Incorrect Temperatures and Times During Curing and Molding Process
  • Inadequate Testing of New Tires to Verify Uniformity and Safety

As listed above, tire manufacturers can fail at many steps along the way with disastrous results to the innocent consumer that has bought the tire for themselves or a loved one. Other ways a tire manufactures are negligent in storing tires in warehouses for too long allowing the tires to get too hot, adhesives to crack and separate resulting in a tire that will often fail under load, in hot weather and at highway speeds. Tires are not intended to last forever, even though the tires tread is still thick and appears usable. Aged or old tires fail and cause accidents and rollovers. Tire manufacturers and tire dealers can be found negligent in selling and installing old tires, even though they appear new and not driven on. If an old tire is sold as new fails, but in fact the already aged tire is over 6-7 years old when it was sold, then the tire shop or tire dealer are often brought into a tire defect lawsuit and usually found negligent for deceptively selling such a old tire as new and for the resulting injuries and damages.

Tire defect litigation and resulting rollovers and wrecks may not be confined to just the negligent tire manufacturer, but also the vehicle manufacturer for designing and engineering weak roof and roof pillars that collapse during a rollover, airbags that fail to deploy or over-inflate, defective seatbelts and even defective door locks and latches. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious wreck or rollover accident and you believe the tire was defective or a vehicle component failed to keep you or a loved one safe, then call for a free confidential case review. Talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer with more than 30 years of tire defect and rollover experience. Call Toll Free 1-800-883-9858.