You want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while out on the road. These days, it isn’t enough to bring your vehicle in for inspections. Oversights on the part of tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Firestone and more – as well as retailers selling aged, used or otherwise defective tires as safe or new – lead to a significantly heightened risk of a serious accident that could seriously injure or kill you or your passengers. Your safety hinges partly upon making sure you know when reports or recalls impacting your tires have been issued. Do your best to catch the problem before they cause irreversible harm.

Tire Manufacturers

Legal Support in Defective Tire Injury Cases

Thanks to Willis Law Firm, millions of Firestone tires were recalled in the early 2000s because of their role in causing over 400 deaths and 10,000 nonfatal injuries to the drivers and passengers of Ford Explorers and other vehicles. We earned a Steven J. Sharp Award for our efforts, and we continue to offer our support and services to individuals and families requiring recompense following a defective tire accident directly causing a death or serious injury. From evidence procurement to investigations to the lawsuit itself, we’ve got your back. Schedule a consultation with us today, by phone at 1-800-883-9858 or through email.