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Willis Law Firm Tire Defects Case Results

Firestone Tire Tread Separation Willis Law Firm

Firestone Tire Tread Separation – Ford Explorer Rollover

While driving home from Galveston Texas, left rear tire detreaded and caused the SUV to flip over. Driver - Double Amputation, Font Seat Passenger Killed, Back Seat Passengers - Broken Neck and Death

Firestone Tread Separation Willis Law Firm

Firestone Tread Separation Ford Explorer Rollover Death

Interstate 35 rollover outside Austin, Texas– At highway speeds, driver experienced a sudden tire failure causing the SUV to roll over - severe roof collapse kills driver’s wife

Tractor Tire Bead Explosion Willis Law Firm

AG Tractor Tire Bead Explosion during inflation – Death

East Texas Agriculture / farm tractor tire exploded while inflator tire. As the tire bead was seating, tire exploded throwing him to ceiling of tire shop. killing tire worker

General Tire Tread Separation Willis Law Firm

General Tire Tread Separation - Truck Rollover Ejection - Death

SE of San Antonio, Texas – Young man in his parents pickup truck had his back right tire de-tread which caused him to lose control and rollover – Death

Chevy Truck Rollover Willis Law Firm

Chevy Pickup Truck Rollover – Back Left Tire Traction Failure - Paraplegia

Prior to rollover, the tire dealer placed best tires in front, instead of best tires on rear of truck. Driver lost traction and rolled. Driver had a broken neck. Negligent inspection and rotation by dealer

AG Tire Bead Explosion Willis Law Firm

AG Tire Bead Explosion - Death of Tire Shop Worker

Tire bead failure of Chinese AG Tire exploded during inflation of the tire. Tire’s inner diameter was slightly undersized making bead seating difficult. Client’s husband died of head injuries.

Canned Tire Inflator Explosion Willis Law Firm

While trying to Fix A Flat with a Can of Tire Inflator – Tire Explosion – Total Blindness & Partial Amputation

While neighbor was helping a new neighbor, the tire and rim exploded while he was mig-welding on crack on tire rim – Butane Residue was inside, the Tire Exploded from can of tire sealant the day before.

Tire Inflator used to Fix a Flat exploded Willis Law Firm

Tire Inflator used to Fix a Flat exploded during Tire Plug Repair

Houston, Texas Deputy Sheriff & teenage tire worker severely injured when butane / propane in tire exploded as he attempted to plug the tire. The action of plugging the tire created a spark which ignited the butane propane mixture

Can of Tire Fixer Willis Law Firm

Can of Tire Fixer / Inflator Exploded into Flames Inside Vehicle

El Paso woman was severely burned when spark from her Bic Lighter caused butane from a leaking can of tire inflator / fixer to explode into a fireball inside the cab of her pickup truck

RV tire tread separation Willis Law Firm

RV tire detread and tread separation – Tread plys punctured RV’s Butane Line and Exploded – 2 Deaths

Trapped elderly couple died in RV / Motorhome that caught fire after defective tire tread hit gas line.