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Major internal tire damage can occur from curb strikes and impacts resulting in sudden tire failure. Sidewall impacts and curb strikes can damage the tire’s sidewall construction, plies and belts. In fact, even slight glancing blow or impact into a stationary object like a curb, wall, pothole or edge of pavement is enough to cause internal tire damage, even if no tear or road rash is initially seen on the outside of the tire. The heavier the tire is constructed and the more number of plies, the stronger the tire and its ability to absorb the impact damage. However, even heavy duty tires with 6-10 plies will fail in time if the impact is severe enough to damage or weaken the cords and plies and begin the fraying process which will lead to tire failure. The fraying of the tire’s cords compounded with chafing of the rubber will combine to lead to early tire impact failure. These types of impacts are common when the curb strike or impact occurs when the tire hits the curb while the vehicle is turning and with enough speed, weight and energy, the impact can cause a sidewall tear and cause damage from the outside of the tire through the sidewall, resulting in sudden loss of pressure and deflation.

Dangers of Driving on a Tire After Impacts and Curb Strikes

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Of course when a complete sidewall tear happens then the tire must be replaced, rim inspected and even the alignment checked. However when the tire damage is just a rough mark or rash and major damage is not visible and the tire still holds air, then the hidden damage may be like a time bomb waiting to explode. In many cases after the initial curb strike or impact, a bubble or slight swelling may begin. When this is observed change the tire and get the tire serviced as soon as possible. In fact many tire experts will advise the driver to get the tire replaced even before a bubble or swelling begins. The problem and danger of course is when the tire has not visible signs of damage, no bubble, no major rash or abrasion, and the driver continues to drive it for days or months without a problem, but then while on the highway with the additional speed, heat and forces on the tire, the internal damage to the tire’s structure is weakened and in time the tire will fail. When this occurs at highway speeds, then a sudden tire blowout or tire failure may cause the driver to lose control and have a rollover accident or wreck.

When did the Tire Damage Happen?

In trying to investigate these types of curb strikes or impacts it is sometimes difficult to determine when the initial impact damage occurred. It could have been days or even months before the actual tire failure and even when another driver was driving the vehicle. Often a driver really doesn’t know when the impact occurred in the past or never believed it was severe enough to cause problems. This is a constant problem with tires on rental cars which could be used by 5-10 different drivers from the time the impact occurred until failure. Rental car and lease car agencies need to be vigilant to these potential dangers and have the tires and rims inspected often. This problem also is ever present when buying a used tire or even a used car, is that the new driver or tire owner has no idea of the tires’ history or past abuse it has endured.

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