Revealing the Hidden Damage of Tire Impact

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Whether you’re buying affordable tires to fit onto your brand-new car or trying to replace existing tires with cheap used versions, it is important to go beyond a cursory surface inspection and give some thought to hidden tire damage. Tire damage from impacts certainly puts your vehicle at a greater risk for accidents, but it can be harder to spot than you might expect. Uncover what tire defects can result from previous tire impact, how an impact you never knew about could lead to a tire blowout and what to avoid when purchasing new or used tires for your vehicle.

Used Tires Can Mean a Hidden History

All too many drivers think that if a tire looks alright from the outside, it will be sufficient for their vehicle. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Over time, tires can sustain a lot of damage from a variety of impacts large and small, and these can lead to a degradation of the tire itself.

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Impact doesn’t always mean that the tire was on a vehicle involved in a major accident, although that is sometimes the case. Impact could mean that the driver hit a curb while turning sharply at a high speed or ran over a pothole without slowing. If tires are sold or exchanged after any type of impact, the next driver using the tires could be putting their safety at risk.

Risks of Tire Damage From Impacts

Tires that are damaged through impact can have major sidewall damage, a problem that can lead to a much higher chance of tire blowout. When the sidewall is weakened, the entire structural integrity of the tire is also lessened. Whether you are trying to steer your car quickly after skidding or driving in inclement weather, stability concerns may be an issue when driving on damaged tires.

Simply put, tires with impact damage have already been substantially weakened. You might save a few bucks installing them, but they are akin to a ticking time bomb ready to cause problems when you’re behind the wheel. Thankfully, it is not just your fault if you end up with damaged tires. Sellers who willingly pass on tires with a history of impact can be held responsible for negligent sale of tires.

Avoiding Tire Problems From the Outset

Some tire defects and impact damage can be obvious right away. You’ll want to avoid those tires with shredding around the circumference of the tire and obvious bubbles or creases that hint at sidewall damage.

Unfortunately, not all tire impact damage can even be seen. If you know that the seller of the tires was involved in an accident, is a reckless driver or overloads their vehicle for long trips, skip the tires. If you’re buying from a tire dealer who can’t give you the history of the tire, you might want to look elsewhere.

Even when tire impact damage can’t be seen, it can still exist. From nipping curbs to major accidents, impact can drastically reduce the quality and safety of tires.

Tire Failure Lawyer

The Willis Law Firm stands ready to assist you and your family in investigating a tire failure injury or accident due to tire damage from impacts. For over 30 years, David P. Willis has been helping victims of serious accidents and rollovers involving defective tires and vehicles. In fact, Willis was awarded the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award for his work in uncovering the Firestone tire defect, which led to the recall of millions of tires. One phone call is all that is needed for the Willis Law Firm to begin investigating a new tire failure case. Upon acceptance, we’ll begin preserving the evidence, gathering additional facts and building your case. To schedule a free no cost consultation, fill out our online tire failure lawsuit form or call us at 1-800-883-9858.