A tire bead is the very edge of the tire that is designed to fit snugly within the wheel. In order for the tire to operate as it should, the tire bead needs to be in place, fit correctly and be part of a properly inflated tire. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can lead to tire bead explosions, often called a tire blowout. By understanding the root cause of a tire bead explosion, you can know whether an accident was caused by user error or a mistake on behalf of the tire manufacturer.

Tire Manufacturing Defects That Can Lead to Tire Bead Explosions

Typical tire beads are made up of five thin but strong wires, each of which must be properly aligned and constructed in order to handle the full weight of the vehicle. Many of the most common causes of tire bead explosions are a result not of user error but of a defect on behalf of the tire manufacturer.

One major tire defect is when there is not enough of an overlap in the area called the bead splice, which is one of the weakest parts of the tire bead to begin with. Without enough overlap, the bead splice is even more prone to failure. Another faulty tire design that could potentially lead to a tire blowout is when one or all of the five wires within the bead aren’t large enough. Typically, these wires measure .037 inches in diameter, and just a minor variation can result in a tire defects and put you at risk. Faulty tire design can lead to fatal, heartbreaking accidents, such as the “John Doe” vs. Titan Tire legal case.

Additional Factors That Could Result in Tire Bead Explosions

While tire defects on behalf of the manufacturer are one solid and consistent cause of tire bead explosions on the road, they aren’t the only issues at play. An overloaded vehicle, for example, can be put too much weight and pressure on the tire bead and lead to a major blowout.

Without checking tire pressure regularly, drivers may drive for hundreds or thousands of miles on over-pressurized tires. Too much pressure in the tires creates unnecessary pressure on the tire bead, which can be disastrous. Even using a can of aerosol tire inflation repair could lead to a fire or an explosion.

Acting After a Tire Bead Explosions

A tire bead explosion can be truly devastating, but it is important to understand that an explosion on the road isn’t necessarily the fault of the driver. It might be a result of buying aged tires from an unscrupulous seller, a prominent defect at the tire’s manufacturing stage or even something as simple as trying to fix a flat tire with an aerosol can product designed specifically for that purpose. Anyone who was hurt or involved in a tire bead explosion accident should determine the root cause of it all in order to put responsibility and liability where it belongs.

Defective Tire Lawyer

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