Tire Defects by Vehicle Type

No matter what vehicle type tires are designed for, all tires run the risk of tire blowout, tire tread separation, tire bead explosion and other dangerous incidents that can lead to serious injury. Vehicles are designed with unique tire specifications that match the safety requirements of the vehicle. When equipping your vehicle with tires, be sure you know what type of tire you need along with how to properly maintain and check the safety of your tires.

Agricultural Tires

It’s a common misconception that the tires of tractors and other farm machinery are immune to tread separations and other defects because of their slow speeds. This is not true. The comparative weight, height and heft of agricultural tires make them extremely dangerous, particularly those involving multi-piece rims and wheels. Because they’re prone to exploding more than their smaller counterparts, the inflation and mounting/dismounting processes make riders and repairers alike vulnerable to injury or death.

ATV Tires

Because all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are meant to be enjoyed on rough ground, their tires need to be constructed with a high center of gravity and narrow track width. While this makes them ideal for enjoying a fun day at the dunes, it does make them comparatively unstable versus standard cars. Many riders and retailers also don’t properly inflate them, which can lead to blowout accidents at speeds higher than what they’re designed to handle.

Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires are just as prone to blow out and experiencing tread separations and other tire related issues as car tires. However, because motorcycles travel at much faster speeds, accidents are more likely to cause serious injury or death. Riders need to know how to properly inflate their tires and check for signs of possible problems while on and off their bikes to maximize their safety.

RV Tires

Few tires undergo such hardships as those put on an RV. Between heavy loads, inconsistent terrain and long stretches on the road, RV tires are put under tremendous strain. They’re also far more prone to explosions when hot, humid weather is paired with maximizing the weight and pressure they’re expected to carry. And, because so many of them go so long without usage, inadequate storage conditions can render them brittle, hard and dangerous when taken out for a ride.

SUV Tires

One of the most notorious tire recalls in American history involved damaged and defective Firestone tires on Ford Explorers. SUVs can be vulnerable to rollovers, roof crushes, blowouts and other accidents resulting in injury or death, particularly at highway speeds. Their sheer size also place them at major risk of being outfitted with tires that are entirely too small for the wheel frame.

Tire Failure Lawyer

The Willis Law Firm stands ready to assist you and your family into investigating a tire failure injury or accident caused by any vehicle type. For over 30 years, David P. Willis has been helping victims of serious accidents and rollovers involving defective tires and vehicles. In fact, Willis was awarded the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award for his work in uncovering the Firestone tire defect leading to the recall of millions of tires. One phone call is all that is needed for the Willis Law Firm to begin investigating a new tire failure case. Upon acceptance, we’ll begin preserving the evidence, gathering additional facts and building your case. To schedule a free no cost consultation, fill out our online tire failure lawsuit form or call us at 1-800-883-9858.