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Throughout America there is a Cooper tire blowout or tire failure related wreck or rollover accident in the news almost weekly often resulting in a tire failure lawsuit against Cooper. Many of the accidents or rollovers were a result of a sudden tire failure, tire tread separation or tire blowout in which caused the SUV, light truck or even passenger car to go out of control. Sadly in some of these tire blowouts at highway speeds, the driver and occupants have suffered serious injuries or even death.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has been in the center of tire defect litigation, tire recalls and class action lawsuits for the last 25+ years. Most of the consumer problems and injury lawsuits stem from Cooper tires vibration issues on the highway, some resulting in sudden tire blowouts and failures. These tire failures can often be blamed on defects and quality control problems at Cooper’s plants.

Cooper tire is an old brand of tires dating back over 100 years. Cooper Tire, later renamed Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is based out of Findlay, Ohio. Cooper is a Fortune 500 company with manufacturing plants in Findlay, Ohio; Tupelo and Clarksdale Mississippi; Texarkana, Arkansas; England, Serbia, Mexico and China. Cooper Tire and Rubber manufactures tires under the popular brands known as Dean Tire, Mastercraft Tire, Roadmaster Tire, Starfire Tire, Avon Tyes, Mickey Thompson Tires, Dick Cepek Tires and Mentor Tires. For Discount Tire Company, Cooper makes the Arizonian Tire and for Pep Boys stores Cooper makes Hercules Tires.

Cooper Tire Blowout Problems & Failure Accidents

As mentioned above, Cooper tire lawsuits are filed all over the nation due to early tire failure and blowouts resulting in injuries or death to the occupants. Many of these tire failures resulted in catastrophic roll over accidents when the tire suddenly fails without notice and the vehicle goes out of control, wrecks or flips over. Immediately preceding the many blowouts or tire tread separations is an unusual sound, shaking or vibration similar to a tire and wheel being out of balance. Those vibrations can continue for days and just for split seconds before the tire’s tread separation from the tire’s core and starts to hit the wheel well and the frame. When this happens the vibrations can get violent and a loud boom or explosion like a gunshot is heard and felt and then the tire failure or blowout happens. The vehicle may be difficult to steer or control on the highway. Often the driver will apply the brakes to slow down the vehicle and pull it off the road. Vehicles traveling at highway speeds are harder to control especially when the tire blowout occurs on the back left tire or back right tire. While fighting to control the vehicle, the direction of travel, it may rotate somewhat sideways or become perpendicular to the movement of the car and then suddenly the rollover sequence and tripping begins. The driver and occupants are helpless to control the vehicle and must rely on the available safety systems inside the vehicle.

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Often some of the safety equipment designed to protect the occupants may not work as intended in a rollover. Airbags often fail to deploy, seatbelts, buckles and shoulder belts don’t hold occupants in place, roof and roof pillars collapse and crush the victims and even door locks and latches may fail from the displacement of the door frame and pillars holding the locking systems in place. In a typical product liability lawsuit in which Cooper Tire blowout, often other defendants are joined in as well. In a tire litigation lawsuit in which a SUV, Pickup Truck or Van rolled over or crashed, the vehicle manufacturer may have contributory fault or negligence too. Additionally during the investigation of the accident, our team will also investigate whether or not any local tire dealer, tire repair shop, car dealership, inspection center’s conduct in servicing the vehicle, repairing the tires, rotating or inspecting the tires played any part in the tire’s failure or lack of warnings to the vehicle’s owner or driver. If these parties contributed in anyway, they may be brought into the lawsuit too.

Defective Cooper Tire Defects Causing Hundreds of Blowouts and Accidents

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Cooper tire lawsuits have been filed due to quality control problems plants in Tupelo, Findlay, Clarksdale and Texarkana . These plants all have their own share of problems ranging from past complaints of debris found in the rubber ranging from a speck of wood, pieces of metal and even food products. In these injury lawsuits it has been alleged that Cooper Tire’s negligence caused their tires to have a high number of sudden tire failures, early tire wear life, vibrations, tire tread separations, blowouts and side wall failures. These design and manufacturing defects caused or contributed to tires blowing out and failing during the life of the tire. Some allegations of negligence include:

  • Negligent Tire Belt Design
  • Inferior Raw Materials Used to Make the Tire
  • Incorrect Compounding of the Rubber
  • Negligent Preparation of the Tire Bead
  • Unclean Tire Plants
  • Incorrect Quality Control of Thickness of the Inner Liner
  • Negligent Tire Bead Assembly
  • Tire Bead Size Uniformity Problems
  • Tire Tread Separation Failures and Adhesion Failures
  • Sidewall Extrusion Failures
  • Incorrect Curing and Molding Temperatures Used
  • Negligent Testing of New Tires
  • Negligent Warehouse Storage of Tires

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