When Yokohama tires suffer from manufacturer, factory, or retailer defects, it places vehicle passengers – especially those traveling at highway speeds – at great risk of serious injury or death. Rollovers, roof crushes, and other major accidents can all occur because Yokohama tires experience detreading, sidewall failure, blowouts, tread separations, ply/belt losses, sudden deflations, and other forms of tire failure. Over the past 30 years, Willis Law Firm has investigated and defended clients nationwide in cases involving serious injuries and losses resulting from damaged and defective Yokohama tires. Schedule a consultation to learn more: call us toll-free at 1-800-883-9858 or by email.

About Yokohama Rubber Company, Ltd.

Tokyo-based Yokohama Rubber Company, Ltd. was founded in 1917 thanks to a joint venture between B.F. Goodrich and Yokohama Cable Manufacturing. Now the seventh biggest manufacturer of tires on the planet, with over 4,500 points of sale around the country, the company opened its first American facilities in 1969. It operates in the United States as the Yokohama Tire Corporation, with North American headquarters located in Fullerton, California.

Serious Accident and Personal Injury Legal Assistance for Damaged Yokohama Tires

For over 30 years, Willis Law Firm has taken cases by clients who have suffered from serious injuries and losses because damaged or defective Yokohama tires failed and caused a major vehicle accident. Our services, which include everything from evidence gathering to investigations to representing you in court, have earned us acknowledgement by Martindale-Hubble and a Steven J. Sharp Award. We’re here for you. To schedule a consultation with us, place a toll-free call to 1-800-883-9858 or fill out our online form.