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Family of the deceased girl filed a lawsuit against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. as the result of their daughter’s death in a SUV rollover accident in which the back left Cooper tire suddenly de-treaded (tread separation) causing the driver to lose control of the SUV. After the Cooper tire tread separation, the SUV went out of control and rolled over it just off the roadway and median. The deceased was seated in the right rear seat and was ejected onto the highway median during the rollover. After the accident, the young woman was still conscious at the scene with obvious head and internal injuries, but died shortly after being transported by ambulance to a local Las Cruces, NM hospital. (This Cooper tire lawsuit was settled out of court. The settement amount is confidential.)

The defective Cooper tire was still inflated except missing the outer tread that had separated immediately before the rollover began. All the tires on the SUV were Cooper tires with sufficient tread depth. Sadly however this tire was the Cooper Trialhandler A-T II Tire. Cooper Tire manufactured the Trialhandler tire for Sears, Pep Boys and other tire dealers. This is the same model tire that has been subject to a Cooper tire recall due to inadequate amount of coverage of rubber on the belt edge in the shoulder slots. This type of tire defect can cause the tire metal belt wires to penetrate the surface causing exposed belts and lead to a tire tread degradation and belt separation.

Sudden Tire Failures

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While driving down the road many drivers may be confronted with a slight vibration while driving. Other times a slight bulge or bubble appears on the sidewall days before the blowout. Sometimes the bulge or noise may be that way for 100’s of miles or other times it may be followed by a sudden boom like a gun shot. It then the driver realizes they have a blowout or tire failure. Sometimes the tread will quickly de-tread and fly off on the roadway and other times the tread will unwind and wrap around the axle or hit the wheel well. The driver may or may not be able to bring the vehicle under control. Often the driver may be cited for over correcting, over steering or over braking. If the tire failure or blowout causes the vehicle to lose control, the vehicle may start yawing and going sideways and the rollover can quickly begin after the wheel rim digs down into the roadway or grass and causes the vehicle to trip and launch into a roll. When this happens the major injuries begin too. Rollover injuries can be caused by the roof failing and collapsing on the victims, seatbelts and buckles not holding, airbags not deploying and door latches and locks not locking. When any of these safety systems fail, the occupant may suffer catastrophic injuries from the secondary impact or from ejection.

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