Tire Failures

Tires are your direct contact point with the road and if they are defective, whether it is due to age or damage, they can cause serious accidents. Checking your tires is an important and often forgotten task. But there are signs of bad tires that you need to be familiar with in order to accurately check and maintain healthy tires. Check out our signs of bad tires page to learn what you need to know about bad tires and what tests you can do at home to check if your tire tread is thick enough to safely travel on the road.

Always Replace Tires on the Back First

In a perfect world everyone could buy new tires and would replace their old tires before they reached a dangerous, defective level. But tires are expensive and it is not always financially possible to replace all four tires at once. That being said, there are tips such as always replace the back tires first, which significantly decreases the negative effects of a tire blowout and allows for better control over the vehicle during an accident.

Caution When Fixing Tires

Another method of temporarily deterring buying new tires is to fix a flat or damaged tire through using a tire sealant. This is a quick fix but in most cases does not solve the problem. The tire will ultimately have to be replaced. If the tire is not replaced and instead you attempt to salvage the tire, depending on the sealant you used and if the sealant was composed of flammable gases, which many are, you run the risk of the tire exploding due to the ignited propellant.

The best method of preventing death or serious injury is contentiousness. Checking your tires for signs of wear, aging, poor sizing, holes, inadequate storage conditions, manufacturers’ defects and other issues forms the first line of defense against an automobile accident. Make sure to take them in to a trusted repair specialist, who will know when a tire can be salvaged and when new ones are actually the safest option for your safety and the safety of others. For the best results, you can run an inspection after your mechanic completes the inspection to ensure that the new tires are, in fact, new, the proper size, and placed properly on the vehicle.

Seriously Injured? We Can Help.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured or died due to a defective tire that resulted in an accident? Learn more about typical tire and vehicle problems that lead to litigation. At the Willis Law Firm, we're on your side and are ready to make a stand against parties responsible for serious injuries or death caused by low quality products.

Tire Failures

Tire Failure Lawyer

The Willis Law Firm stands ready to assist you and your family into investigating a tire failure injury or accident caused by a defective tire problem. For over 30 years, David P. Willis has been helping victims of serious accidents and rollovers involving defective tires and vehicles. In fact, Willis was awarded the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award for his work in uncovering the Firestone tire defect leading to the recall of millions of tires. One phone call is all that is needed for the Willis Law Firm to begin investigating a new tire failure case. Upon acceptance, we’ll begin preserving the evidence, gathering additional facts and building your case. To schedule a free no cost consultation, fill out our online tire failure lawsuit form or call us at 1-800-883-9858.